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Player Orientation - Welcome to Eradain!

Eradain is a custom fantasy world which has been under development in its current form since 1995, primarily as a setting for traditional D&D campaigns.

In the game of Neverwinter Nights it is our goal to create an environment of "living fiction". This is an environment where the thoughts, ideas and motivatinos of the players and the dungeon masters - the characters we play - have an affect on the shaping of the world. We want to provide not a fixed or static storyline, but a growing and unfolding one, where the deeds of the characters, nefarious or divine, have an impact on the shape of the story. This is a lofty goal and only time will tell if it can be accomplished within the Neverwinter Nights game environment.

Eradain can be found in the NWN lobby under the PW:Action category.

Adventures in Eradain

For Neverwinter Nights, adventures in Eradain will begin in the Kingdom of Erada, in the city of Medrius, which lies both in the middle, yet at the border of the land. Medrius, between the civilized north and east and the wild south and west. Medrius, between the conquering Danrae and the as yet unconquored Angharad. It is a city of the old and the new, a city of trade and a gateway to the untamed wilderness.

Within Medrius lies The Four Winds Tavern. The starting point, the meeting place and hopefully heart from which adventures will spring.

History Summary

Eradain is an ancient land. Many ages had already come and gone before men or elves ever trod her shores. The tale of those elder days is told in part within The Seven Ages of Dawn.

The first known humans in Eradain were the mysterious Corsani who live in the east beyond the Shield Mountains, and the mystical Ang who dwelled in the ancient and ruined city around Lake Erada.

Later, the Harad peoples arrived from lands unknown and spread throughout the continent. Their tale is told in the Migrations of the Harad. The Harad who settled in the lands of Erada intermarried with the Ang, adopted their ways and their gods and became known as the Angharad. The Harad who migrated to the north became nomadic herders in the Kah-Sur Plains and are known as the Khor-Harad or simply the Khor. The Harad who settled in the east became sea-going merchants, fishermen, traders and farmers and formed the Seven Kingdoms of Serin. The Harad of the south formed the Theocracy of Haradan and dedicated themselves to the worship of their goddess Menenar.

For many hundreds of years the peoples of Eradain grew from small tribes and settlements into cities and countries. The events of those times are partially recorded in the Elven Book of Caldurian, the human records of those times are lost and only vague legends of hero's past remain.

The last humans to have arrived in Eradain were the Danrae. The Danrae are said to have been fleeing the destruction of their own world and their tale is told in the Saga of the Danrae.

With the arrival of the Danrae we begin the currently used Calendar of Trilain. The first two hundred years of the calendar covers a period of time known as The Burning, which tells of the rise of the Danrae from refugees to self-proclaimed High Kings of Eradain in -194-.

The current period of the Calendar of Trilain is known as The High Kings of Eradain. This period records the continued expansion of the Danrae, who have conquered six of the Seven Kingdoms of Serin, leaving Volan as the last of the independant Harad Kingdoms in the east.

In -286- the Danrae invaded through Daga Pass into Erada, siezing the walled Angharad city of Dun Uisnech. After years of small skirmishes and treaties kept and broken on both sides, the Danrae re-gathered their armies for conquest. The High King Maldavar defeated the Angharad battle-queen and occupied Erada in -298-. Several years later the Angharad rose up in revolt against the High King, but the rebellion failed and several more cities, including Medrius, were captured in -301-.

It is now the year -324- and it has been a nearly a quarter century , a full genration since the Danrae captured Medrius. Its current ruler is the aging Lord Eldrick who was awarded the city by High King Maldavar for his successes on the battlefield in the campaign to capture Erada and his decisive victories in the rebellion of -301-.

Events of Note from the Calendar of Trilain, High Kings of Eradain:

  • -214- Dwimorlorn Orc Invasion - Orcs from the Dwimorlorn forest and the Ostorath Mountains begin settling in the wild lands north of Erada and west of Khuzdul (Dwarven Kingdom), and form the orish kindom of Glamhoth.
  • -228- Khor Barbarian Invasions - The Khor horse barbarians of the north attack the lands of Volan, Glamhoth and Erada.
  • -269- Dwarf-Orc Wars - The Dwarves of Khuzdul and the Glamhoth orcs become embroiled in a series of wars and skirmishes which continue to this day.
  • -298- The Fall of Erada - After defeating the Angharad army the Danrae capture the Angahrad capital of Erada.
  • -301- Angharad Rebellion - In the wake of a failed rebellion, the Danrae capture more Angharad cities including Medrius.
  • -324- The beginning of winter approaching the Solstice and the Yule festival week.

Recent Events:

The Glamthoth orcs continue to plague the Dwarves of Khuzdul, northern Erada and the regions around the Dwimorlorn and Northern Dathi forest. The Danrae High king has ordered the construction of a series of forts and towers to help ward Erada and the rich lands south of the Slaine River. There is talk of a possible alliance between the High King and the dwarves of Khuzdul. (see map of central eradain, contains Slaine River and Erada in the north, the Northern Dathi Forest in the west and Medrius and Dun Uisnech in the south)

Humanoids and bandit lords from the Dathi Forest are causing significant problems for Medrius on the west side of the Sinann River. There is legitimate concern that if soldiers are called off to war that those lands will become vulnerable to attack.

Always a very independant people, the Angharad have been left leaderless and disorganized since the fall of Erada and the hostage slayings which prompted the Rebellion of -301-. The "free" Angharad have established a new capital at Tilith, however their leadership is divided by old feuds and "clouded" successions. Some clan leaders want to accept the High King, while others have vowed to resist the Danrae to their dying breath.

Small skirmishes and raids occur from time to time along the border between the conquered Danrae territories and the free Agharad territories. Recently these skirmishes between the High King's loyal vassal Duke Abromo at Dun Uisnech and the independant Angharad of Carill have intensified, feeding rumors that a new war is looming. (see map of arandil forest, contains Tilith, Carill, Elven claimed regions of the Arandil Forest and the Haradan Border)

In the south, Haradan slavers have been taking advantage of the unrest in Erada. Slavers have been reported raiding north of the Ann River between Tilith and Carill. There have been rumors of a possible Haradan invasion or even an Angharad/Haradan alliance against the Danrae.

Although the elves of Avanoel had longstanding alliances with the Angharad, they have thus far remained neutral in the conflict between the Angharad and Danrae, being more concerned with Haradan encroaching on their eastern border in the Arandil Forest and the Goblins of the Serpent's Eye in the Southern Dathi Forest.

Current Situation:

Recently Lord Eldrick and his son have left Medrius to attend a Mid-Winter celebration at Dun Uisnech with the High King. He has taken with him the captain of his warband Moregan and a large honor guard of soldiers. Lord Eldrick has left his Stewart Thorand and the Captain of the Watch Larathane in charge of the city while he is away.

Tips for Creating an Eradain Character:

Skills - Eradain is heavy on combat and exploration, so skills such as Healing, Concentration, Search, etc. will all be critical to your character. Social skills such as Persuade, Intimiadate, Appraise, etc. are almost never used except for role playing purposes with direct DM intervention. At this time the only Crafting which is supported is Brew Potion, Scribe Scroll and Craft Trap. Additional crafting options may be implemented in the future.

In order to take advantage of some of the special features in Eradain, characters should be created which use Eradain sub-races (for human characters) and Eradain deities. This is done at character creation, and may also be updated just once anytime up to 6th level by speaking with the Hall of Souls Guide in the "lobby" area where characters first start and where they return after respawning. In order to be considered Eradain "valid" characters should follow these guidelines*:

Race: Sub-Race: Deity:
Dwarf n/a Moradin
Elf n/a Corellon Larethian, Corellon, Lugh, Arawn, Silvanus, Pan, Dana, Luna, Selene, Inanna
Gnome n/a Garl Glittergold, Garl
Halfling n/a Yondalla
Human Angharad Lugh, Arawn, Silvanus, Pan, Dana, Luna, Selene, Inanna
Human Danrae Odin, Heimdal, Tempus, Tyr, Frigga, Hel, Sif, Lore
Human Corsani Naoto, Goro Goro, San Mei, Chiaki, Ken, Ryu, Sheiko Ranmei, Giza, Tatsumakiko, Umeishan
Human Harad Rohsulan, Siranathor, Menenar, Sulvilaran, Gilindar
Half-Elf or
n/a or any** Any above plus Gruumsh

*n/a means this field should be left blank. For additional information on the races and peoples of Eradain see Culture: Peoples (Please note that "Eradnians" are not a valid option at this point in the Eradain timeline). Except where noted it is not required to select a deity and "None" can be typed in or it can be left blank, however this may affect your characters relations with clerics.
**Half-Elves and Half-Orcs can select a sub-race if they choose to reflect their human parentage.
***Custom options are available for sub-race and deity upon approval by an Eradain DM, but will likely require a submission of fiction to provide background and support your request.
Please visit and post at the Meeting Hall (forum on the left menu) if you have any questions or comments.