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Goals and FAQ

Goals of Eradain and Neverwinter Nights

It is our intention to have a continuously running server with as large a land area as it practical to run in one Neverwinter Nights module, based upon the Medrius Locale Map. Our goal for this "core module" is to have a dynamic environment where actions of players will have very real affect on the world and where adventures are motivated by true background power struggles.

This core module will be a persistent world (Character quest states and other information will be maintained between reboots and module updates) and will include areas for player gathering and socializing, providing an environment for spontaneous player interaction and role play. Other areas will feature non-pvp (a few), pvp zones (most), "instant-resurrection" zones (a few) for sparring, tourneys, horse play, and areas where character death has serious consequences (most).

It is also our intention to include quest options when no DM is present. We hope to have spontaneous DM interaction wth players as well as planned/scheduled events. This core module will also provide a common setting and location to plant adventure hooks for adventures that may be run on the individual servers of Eradain DM's.

Eradain Affiliations and Portals

Due to the issues with using Local Characters, all affiliations and portals have gone dormant for now.

Eradain Neverwinter Nights Stages of Development

Eradain Phase 1-
After the release of Neverwinter Nights we will play the included adventure to become familiar with the game mechanics and capabilities (completed). Once we get our fill of solo play we will begin to explore the multi-player options and the DM interface (completed). After we learn the game interface, development of the core module (completed). Once the core module is in operation, play testing will begin with a pre-selected group of players (completed). Sometime after play testing/balancing has been completed the server will be made available for the public (completed).

Eradain Phase 2-
Support character adventures and advancement up to level 7, ensure that all base scripts are error free and server runs smoothly (completed).

Eradain Phase 3-
Wipe character vault and re-write module areas based on experience gained from previous phases. Support character adventures and advancement up to level 10, add persistent quests, and faction/guild support and equipment (completed).

Eradain Phase 4-
Support character adventures and advancement up to level 15, add additional quests and additional 'layering' to fully developed areas. Build player driven module wide story-archs (in progress).

Eradain Offline - Module offline until further notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is D&D?

If you are unfamiliar with Dungeons & Dragons, or role-playing games in general click here for more information or go to the official Dungeons & Dragons website.

What is NWN?

For information about this exciting game visit the official Neverwinter Nights website.

What is Eradain?

Eradain is a world created for fantasy role playing games. Contained within this website are tales of adventure, history, culture, and maps of a campaign world in the making. Eradain is currently the home of an ongoing AD&D paper and pencil adventures, and will be re-created as a persistent world for the upcoming Neverwinter Nights CRPG.

How can I become a player?

First please refer to the Eradain stages of development above. Eradain will remain closed at the beginning stages of construction. Once opened up to the public players will be able to enter the core module with few restrictions (vault standard characters). Players will be observed as they play and interact with each other in the core module. If you are a d3wd, a PK, or a dick, chances are you will go no further, chances are even more that you will be banned from the server with no questions asked or answered. Eradain DM's will make their own decisions based on these observations to make invitations to players into private campaigns and adventures. Players who participate regularly in Eradain and earn reputations for themselves may be asked to become Agents (see DM's) or even Arbiters.

Will Eradain use Server Vault Characters?

Yes. There are far to many balancing/economy/hack/twink issues to allow Local Characters.

How can I become a DM?

See "How can I become a player?" above.

How can I contribute?

Contributions to Eradain can be made by you the player, and can also be made by you the character. Player-originating ideas, suggestions, fiction, etc. are all welcome in the Eradain Meeting Hall. Contributors of modules, module components and scripts incorporated into Eradain will be given as much credit as possible. However, we feel that equally important contributions to Eradain can be made by the characters themselves. We hope and anticipate that not all of our players will want to play dungeon-diving monster-bashers. Perhaps your character might find fulfillment by being a retired-adventurer/now merchant in a large city. Or perhaps your character contrives to use her Necromantic skills to raise an army of undead and march across the entire continent of Eradain laying waste to all in its path.

Strongly role-played characters such as these can and most likely will be given a large amount of influence in Eradain. Perhaps your merchant character will at some point find himself the proud owner of a prominent store in the capital city. Or perhaps your Necromancer may live to see her Black Tower actually constructed in the Land of Eradain, to be visible (and feared) by other players and NPCs.

Can my guild become part of Eradain?

Recognizing that guilds are an affiliation of players, first and foremost the rules for becoming a player will apply. (See "How can I become a Player?" above.) Guilds will be judged on the same basis as individual characters. In addition, though, strongly-roleplayed guilds will most certainly be entitled to additional privileges once their reputation is established through many sessions of play. For example, perhaps your guild is a nefarious gang of thieves and criminals. While Eradain will not tolerate (for an instant) anti-social player activity, we also strongly encourage that both the forces of good and the forces of evil be well-represented in Eradain. If, through legitimate role-play and experience, your gang happens to establish themselves as sort of the local "mafia" of a city, you might discover that the merchants of the cities can be intimidated into offering your gang money in exchange for "protection."

Be careful, though, for every well-played gang of thugs, there's probably a well-played guild of "wrong-righters" out there just waiting to put an end to your villainy!

Can I Portal to Eradain?

At this time due to the problems associated with using Local Characters there will be no portals or connections to other servers.

How will PvP and PK's be treated?

Version 1: This is a PvP world, you may encounter other hostile players, play at your own risk. Player killing, as determined solely by the DM's discretion can be punished severely up to and including permanent banning. There will be no appeals for punishment. There will be no reimbursements for equipment or life lost due to PK activity. Whining will be punished by the boot, there will be no appeal. Life is not fair and if you don't like it then leave.

Version 2: There is often a gray line between acceptable PvP activity and being a player killer. Deliberate anti-social behavior such as random killing or harassment of lower level characters will be severely punished, up to and including permanent banning. This does not mean that lower level characters will be immune to attack by higher level characters. If your low level mage berates a high level warrior, be prepared for the consequences. As much as it is possible to do so the game will be made as balanced and equitable as possible. However there will still be gray areas where players must rely on common sense and common courtesy as to what is acceptable behavior. If you are warned consider yourself lucky and adjust your behavior accordingly. Dungeon masters will not replace equipment lost due to PK activity.

An important point to remember, is that Eradain is a role-play world. If you run around player killing, its likely that you'll simply be banned on the spot. However, if you *truly* decide that your character is going to be a sort of Medieval-based "Jack the Ripper" then there is a slim chance that you will survive the wrath of the DMs of Eradain by correctly playing such a role. Be wary though, such chaotic evil actions will most certainly cause a reaction, be it first by an increasing number of NPC guards, bounty hunters, or perhaps teams of players pursuing you to put an end to your reign of terror.

How will death be treated?

Please see Goals. Initially Eradain will be set up with NWN "default" conditions for death, during playtesting we will determine a balance that works and does include the possibility of level loss. Availability of resurrection magic will be adjusted to find a balance where death is a serious matter but not an unendurable hardship.

How will resting be treated?

Currently Eradain will have the following restrictions on resting: Some areas will not allow resting (for example in the city streets). Some locations will have unlimted resting capabilities (for example at a room purchased at an Inn). Some "secure" campsites will also be available in the wilderness for resting. Most areas outside the city or at Inns and Taverns will allow timed resting (may only rest once every X hours) which is based on your highest character class. Spell casters will be able to rest more often than fighter classes.

Have other questions?

Please post them in the meeting hall.