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Suspension of Registration Requirements

In June of 2002 it was our intention to allow only "registered" characters who were assigned to the care of specific DM's to play on the Eradain Server.

This plan failed to occur due to limitations in the NWN system, the learning curve related to the scripting, and withdrawl or just fading away of several major DM's from the project.

To all of those who submitted registrations, you have my sincere thanks for your stories and my apologies for not being able to follow through with our initial plans.

At this time Eradain is in an Open Beta in the PW Action category in the muliplayer options of NWN. News updates are available in the Meeting Hall (forum).

Any comments and bug reports are very much appreciated.

Eradain Moderator

Welcome to the Player Gallery. This page is a combination player contact list and registration status. If you would like any character information added or removed from this list, please contact Lugoun or post your request in the Meeting Hall. Player registration status is provided in the right hand column of the table below.

Following are the status categories:
  • Accepted- At least one DM has approved your character submission for play in Eradain servers.
  • Pending- Your registration has been received and posted on the private DM forum for review and comment.
  • E-Mail- You have been e-mailed with specific quesitons and comments.
  • Resubmit- Your character submission was interesting to us, but either was missing important information, or was missing depth in some of the information provided.
  • Class Full- The class you are requesting to play already has to many players.
  • Not Accepted- Your character submission was either unacceptable or was pending for an extended period without DM comment. You should consider rethinking the existing submission, submitting a different character, or looking for another gaming group with less stringent character requirements.

Accepted Characters

Updated 07/28/02
Character Name Race E-mail
ICQ or Other
Vaundal Male Human Accepted
Vershawn Male Human Angharad Accepted
Vinda Male Half-Orc Accepted
Faelan ua Cinead Male Human Angharad Accepted
Piflit Male Halfling Accepted
Trystan Male Human Danrae Accepted
Kiemieleun Nightsun Female Half-Gray-Elf Accepted
Aleyn Storm Female Human N. Harad
Danrae(?) Accepted
Guy Gardner High Elf Accepted
Conn Deerslayer Male Human Angharad Accepted
Solara Sil Synthata Female High Elf Accepted
Mira Jal Female Half-Elf Accepted
Dirk Slain Male Human Accepted
Peregrin (Pippin) Halfling Accepted
Ania Female Danrae Accepted

Class Counter on Accepted Registrations

Barbarian: 1 Bard: 1 Cleric: 1 Druid: 1
Fighter: 2 Monk: - Paladin: 2 Ranger: 2
Rogue: 3 Sorcerer: - Wizard: 2  


Character Name Race E-mail
ICQ or Other
Beaumont Dumond Male Human Resubmit
Righorn Male Dwarf Resubmit
Anarath Jadys'Variaman Male Wood Elf Resubmit
Rockassan(ROC) Male Half-Orc Pending
Lars Fendlin Male Half-Elf Pending
Stonehenge Male Human Pending
Nicodemus Male Human Pending
Redvic Male Dwarf Pending
IIuvan Male High Elf Pending