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Reaping (July)11th

Hours later, during her watch, Noctem quietly awakens the members of Thorn giving each the signal to be silent.

"There's movement on the hillside above us. Make weapons ready, but be silent, the longer they don't know we know they are there.... I'll try and scout out who and how many we're facing, but I'm guessing at least ten and they are dam quiet whoever they are. Be ready to back me up.

Swiftly and silently Noctem disappeared into the undergrowth, while the rest of the group tensed to spring into action. Noctem ghosted along, picking her path with care for the best cover in the bright morning light. Rounding a corner she suddenly came face to face with a human moving equally stealthily toward her camp! Noctem fumbled with her arrow at the same time the human nearly dropped his spear in surprise. For a tense moment the pair surveyed each other, black leather clad elf and tartan wearing human, before he spoke in bad Elven.

"You not Harad. You elf."

Easing back on her bow and attempting a non-chalant attitude after being surprised, Noctem spoke in Eradnian.

"Aye, I'm here ta fight the Harad. Better tell yer boys up the hill there ta back off before things get ugly."

The Angharad clansmen lowered his spear.

"What do you mean my boys up the hill?"

"I mean the 12 men who are about 20 yards uphill from my camp thinking they are bein sneaky. I mean the 12 men who just might find out too late that everyone in the camp isn't Harad and are definitely awake and armed."

"Och, I should know better than ta try n' fool an elf."

A short time later, after both sides have given the all clear signal, the two groups sit at Thorn's campsite exchanging information. The humans are a group of Angharad hill clansmen who have gathered together to fight against the Harad. Their total fighters number only about 50 or so, but they have been keeping the Haradan regulars from wandering too deeply into the hills with hit and run ambushes. The leader of this group offers to take Thorn to their main base deeper in the hills to see if the resistance leader Laerna will aid their cause. Wearily the members of Thorn once again cut short their rest and packed up camp. Seven or eight miles of tough terrain later the party enters the hidden glade where the Angharad fighters are based.

After hearing Roland's tale and Thorn's goal to rescue family, Laerna and the other Angharad warriors are willing to give aid. Ten fighters volunteer to guide Thorn help out however they can. Laerna quietly warns Thorn,

"Just remember these boys are farmers and hunters, not professional swords-men. Try to get em back in one piece."

After getting enough rest, the party with the ten Angharad clansmen set off for a long ride into the afternoon and night to get into position to approach Gealand. Except for slow going in the darkness, the trip to the edge of the hills near Gealand was uneventful. In the shelter of a gully the group rested and made what plans they could until night fell again, observing what they could of the village still a good three miles away. From what they could ascertain, the majority of Harad soldiers were stationed at the meeting hall on the southern end of town. It was difficult to tell, but it looked as if the majority of the villagers were still in town and had not been hauled away by slavers. During the day a group of mounted soldiers escorted people from the village out to the farms to work and except for the soldiers the scene looked pretty normal.

Reaping (July) 12th

In the dead of night, Thorn along with nine of the resistance fighters crept toward Gealand. They planned on leaving the resistance fighters just outside of the village while going to the hut of Roland's family, in the hopes that Kantlon and the rest could be gotten out right away. Luck was not with Thorn. After a surprised and joyful reunion and much explanations, it was found that the slavers were striking the more isolated small villages south of the Ann River, but in the small villages around Greensward the Harad seemed to be digging in. The people were treated little better than slaves and were being forced to work and provide food for the invading army. Already some had been killed or taken off in chains, but only a few so far. To make matters worse the Harad soldiers had hostages at the main meeting hall they were using as a barracks. Many of the young girls of the village were held there to cook and "serve" the soldiers, including two of Roland's sisters. No question remained to the group about getting only Roland's family out. The abuse of the hostages, and what might happen to the people in the village after an attack was just too much. After more plans, the group agreed that the best time to make an assault was during the day. With a large group of soldiers out guarding the workers in the fields and the night sentries asleep, it seemed the best time to make a rescue attempt. Kantlon will pass the word to the other villagers he trusts, and seven of the Angharad fighters are sent out to guard the road toward Greensward. Their primary duty is to stop any fleeing Harad soldiers or messengers if possible, and warn the rest of the group if any reinforcements are coming in. All is prepared, and the next morning after the guards and villagers leave for the fields, Thorn goes into action....

Continuation of our story from the Journal of Elonan....

Reaping (July) 12th Cont.

  • Elonan De'Dannan... who might have finally figured out that mages do not attack Orcs and such with daggers, and to not commit an offensive act the round after casting invisibility....
  • Roland.... devout cleric of Heimdal in full plate mail and two handed sword...the very same sword with which he could not hit the ground if he dropped it....
  • Rhiannon... affectionately known as the Elven blender, her blades gleaming and spinning in the light must look somewhat like a blade spirit in battle...though she does have a tendency to get in the way of Roland's spiritual hammer....
  • Adara.... the half-Elven warrior, with a mace that seems to be only too capable of crushing the skulls of the bad the long sword she wields in the primary hand seems only for decoration... she also seems to be constantly tripping over the Elven blender after she gets clubbed senseless from the aforementioned spiritual hammer.....
  • Noctem.... Priestess of Arawan the Hunter, whom is always there to aid the group in time of need with her healing powers, but I am sure wishes she kept her old crossbow instead of a bow, that way she would only miss one shot per round...Noctem also has the misfortune of finding most traps by triggering them (ooof)....

The intrepid group of adventurers are deep behind enemy lines attempting to rescue the family of Roland from the clutches of the evil forces of Harad. While attempting to storm the main hall where hostages in the village are held, the small force is seen, the alarm bell rang, and battle ensued. Rhiannon is instructed to head to the door of the main hall, and Roland will be right behind her. Adara scurried off in the opposite direction to take care of a group of four fighters. Noctem previously had crept silently to the commanders office in an attempt to take him out with a knife in the back. Unfortunately as the alarm bell was rang, all those plans were laid to waste.

The normal sounds of battle issuing from Roland's direction told of a battle preventing him from getting to backup Rhiannon. (Whoosh, grumble; whiff, grumble; swish, grumble; woooff, grumble) The mage, standing somewhere in the middle of the two different groups of the party, sets a magic missile right between the eyes of the combatant engaged with Roland, which unfortunately does little. Roland, in a rare lucky streak is able to get in a killing blow and rushes to Rhiannon's aid.

Meanwhile things are getting desperate for Rhiannon, the odds are now roughly 8 to 1, fortunately Rhiannon is in the doorway preventing all 8 swords from coming to bear. Adara has deftly crushed the skulls of two of the men she has been fighting, unfortunately the other two are now rushing towards the mages unprotected back. Noctem is also in dire need, having missed both bow shots she is now in melee with two 4th level fighters and taking a sever beating.

Roland, the hulking behemoth that he is, arrives to the aid of Rhiannon, just as she is struck down by one of the many men fighting her. Roland using his gifts from Heimdal, stands atop Rhiannon's unconscious body protecting her and thus the bastard becomes un-freakin-hittable with AC0. The mage sensing the danger rushing at his back, (he sense it because somehow the two fighters both missed him), turns and in one deft move utters the incantation for burning hands and envelopes them in a sheet of flame. Unfortunately, he did not notice Adara rushing to his aid and she loses a little hair.

Noctum is in dire need and Rhiannon is down. Adara wastes little time in downing the two burning soldiers. Elonan surveying the situation whips around once again and decides that a trademark move would be effective in this case. He's got the range, he's got line of sight, and spider-man like he tosses a web inside the building, effectively encasing the warrior at the front of the building. Roland is fortunately free of the icky sticky stuff, is content to try and kill the defender closest to him and then sits there for another two or three rounds fanning him.

Adara gets to Noctem just in time to see her clubbed senseless by the two 4th fighters on her. As Adara arrives things get even BETTER. Now the head guys actually comes out, (ugh we are in trouble now) Elonan, keeping an eye on both ends of the battle sees this and utter the words for blind, and effectively takes on of them out of the fight. Elonan yells for Roland to aid Adara, who cant seem to hit a blind man for some reason and Elonan proceeds to drag Rhiannon to safety. Roland, gathering steam is actually able to make it half way to the hapless Adara before she too is knocked unconscious. Upon seeing this Elonan makes a desperate move, drops Rhiannon and runs headlong toward the three remaining Harad.

Things are getting desperate for the Roland and Elonan now. The fighters are down and so is the only other healer. The soldiers wont stay trapped in the web spell forever and Elonan is getting low on spells... At this point somewhere out of the heavens there issued a voice.


Boy, don't I feel stupid. A cry for help issues from the two remaining party members...


Roland is actually able to get there, and engages them for a round before Elonan catches up, and for the first time in his life uses all his spells effectively, and issues a color spray, which knocks the two 4th level fighters cold, and blinds the head guy, who is immediately dog piled and hacked apart by the villagers who came out to our aid.....

They had bested the majority of the armed invaders holding the town captive, though not without great difficulty and loss. Roland, and Elonan are the only ones of the group left standing and even they are in dire need. Elonan has nary a single spell left, and Roland has few. There is a group of invaders held securely in the web left by Elonan, that must be dealt with, as well as the guards keeping watch on the villagers working in the fields. Elonan sets the group (all 2 of them :p) in motion. Elonan has the villagers in the village gather only their most precious belongings, and strip the fallen invaders of their clothing and weapons. Elonan does a quick search of the commanders hut, and finds a satchel which he quickly grabs without examining the contents. Meanwhile Roland, thanks to his ring of free action, finished off the unfortunate held in the web.

The villagers prepare the fallen members for travel in a wagon, and a couple of the resistance fighters that accompanied our heroes to the village are sent to fetch the horses and from there to travel on to inform the resistance of what has transpired. Roland gathers all of the able bodies that are willing to fight and sets out for the fields for liberate the villagers there. Elonan and the villagers continue the preparation to get the hell outta dodge.

Roland, sitting atop his war horse, looks very impressive in some what bloody and dented plate mail, and I'm sure that the mob of angry villagers behind him don't hurt at all. The guards keeping watch on the workers in the fields flee in terror. Roland quickly gathers the workers and heads back to the village proper.

Now everyone back in village makes haste to be on there way, they must be quick, as there have been at least 10 of the invaders if the town that have escaped and are no doubt on their way to their main force.

Just as the motley caravan heads out Rhiannon regains consciousness, but is still weak. Just as the group crosses the small plain and enters into the hills they are met by a force of 25 of the resistance fighters, which will no doubt aid considerably in the battle that will no doubt come. The group travels into the hills and makes camp, it is late and our group is exhausted.

Now our intrepid band continues their flight out of enemy territory, only time will tell the outcome. Not even the greatest of scrying will determine whether or not our heroes will survive.

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