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Known Lore of Elonan's Ring

Elonan's Legacy

From the History of Elonan, After four years of Menua's teachings he presented me with a gift, a ring. A rather ordinary looking ring, just a plain silver with strange sigils inscribed along the inside of the band. Menua said that it did have magical powers of protection and would help to keep me safe.

Elonan used this ring in many of his magical studies during his training under Menua and it always seemed to be just as his master described, except for one quirk that has continued to haunt Elonan to this day. The strange sigils carved on the inside of the band remain unidentified despite all the regular magical or mundane research that Elonan attempted. Neither comprehend languages, nor read magic, or any combination of several spells attempted ever revealed their meaning. When he asked Menua about the symbols he merely answered, "that's a lesson for another day boy", but that lesson never came...

Ring Inscription

Ring Inscription

After Elonan joined up with the Black Legion, he did not have time or fund for additional research into his legacy, but soon after his first mission he sought out a sage of languages in Medrius. This sage was unable to translate the sigils, indicating that they were not any spoken language, but some type of cypher or code. He was able to give Elonan the names of several books that might possibly assist him in his quest. His researches led him to several tomes located at the local Temple of Lore, and he discovered that one of the books he sought, The Book of Dimma actually had belonged to Menua and was on loan to the Temple. Upon further inquiry, Elonan found that The Book of Dimma was out on loan (for a 2,000gp deposit) to another member of The Black Legion, a mage named Tamman. In order for Elonan to gain permanent ownership of The Book of Dimma, he would have to obtain verification from a lord or priest in the village of Orlane that he was Menua's heir. Until that time, Elonan has sent a message to Tamman, who is currently out on a mission at an unknown location...

Research results of The Annals of the Four Masters

The text is in an old dialect of Angharad and is difficult to translate. After wading through some philosophy to get the hang of reading it, you begin looking for more interesting material. You find some familiar writing with a few notes and begging to read more carefully.

Section from Annals of the Four Masters

Several items of Power have been catalogued form the section of the tombs that was explored. All the most ancient tombs had been plundered, but the tombs found were interred after the last plundering. The first object was a léan glass bracer with a weak enchantment. The Master reviewed my findings and performed an identification of his own. Afterwards as we drank tsang tea to ease our recovery, the Master and I discussed our impressions. He explained how identification magic was like musical talent. Most people can learn to play a song, but there are those who can excel and compose music. Enchanters such as our White Winds guild are the composers of magic, he said. He told me to try the ritual Identify again on the morrow, but that I should listen to the secret music within the object. I still have trouble getting used to the Masters coming to the students to give instruction Truly dual masters: enchantment and teaching.

~Water Damaged Section of Text~

This time I "listened" to the magic instead of "looking" for it. The techniques the Master taught helped me immensely.

~Water Damaged Section of Text~

After comparing the impressions of the torc with the bracer, I was able to discern a potential within both objects. Some type of

~Water Damaged Section of Text~

...That once keyed by a variation of the very spell I was using I could unlock their potential, but alas I was wrong. There was some other component needed. I will continue research, but I already had ideas for applying what I had found to make a magical item that would know only one owner at a time. I shall record this tidbit in my Codex as an idea for future projects.

Letter to Tamman

As found in the beginning of the Adventures of Thorn, Elonan sent a message to Tamman through the Black Legion.

Greetings Tamman,

My name is Elonan De'Dannan, also of The Black Legion. During some recent personal research, I was guided by Adrazan, a sage in Medrius, to seek answers in The Book of Dimma. this book is currently in your possession according to the Temple of Lore clerks, on loan from my uncle and master, the late Menua De'Dannan. I need to confirm if you are still in possession of the tome, and I also would like to continue my research as soon as it is possible.

Respectfully, Elonan De'Dannan.


This dream was recorded in the Journal of Elonan the day after Thorn's assault upon the slaver fort on Reaping 9th. The significance of this dream remains as yet another mystery...

That night as you are thinking of sleep, you realize that you already are. In a lucid moment you know you are dreaming, and for a moment you wonder what you might dream, knowing certain magical techniques you might practice. You look around and notice you are in lands nearby the Ann River, and all around you in the gloom you see traceries of light flowing through the land.

Just as you begin to drift away to something else, the light around you ripples and sways-and then rips away from the beautiful flow you watched to open a void. As you gape at this vision, a piece of darkness steps free of it. With a sudden lurch from within, you lash out against the darkness with your will, and the void melts away leaving behind a humanoid silhouette of darkness. It moves smoothly shifting positions, and a voice from the darkness speaks. "You see me," it hisses. You find yourself unable to move as the figure coils and strikes...a black sword lances toward your chest and you're certain it will be lethal. In dream as you are, you find yourself pushing ever harder to move much to slowly. The sword pierces your belly and you feel ice curving upward toward your heart... You start to fade away with a rush. "You see me," the voice from the darkness follow follows you.

"But where are you...?"

............where are you....

..................are you....

..................... you....

You wake, clutching your hands to you chest, and you still feel the cold near your heart. As you fully awaken and move, you realize the source of the chill is the ring you wear around your finger....

You rise and dress, moving out to wander the rest of the night until you and the sentries see lights in the sky to the west, and alert Phalan and the other members of Thorn.

Circle of Stones

While out in the hills east of Greensward, Elonan and the other members of Thorn are led to a sheltered valley to hide. Many of the group noticed that the valley had to have once been part of a druid's grove something like it. Elonan took some time despite his weariness to explore the small valley, and was rewarded by finding a small circle of stones, almost lost behind some vegetation. Along with the standard runes that are carved into almost all the ancient stones of Eradain, he found a few symbols that bore a resemblance to the sigils of his ring. He made a rubbing of the markings as best he could along with notes of what he found in the valley.

Rubbings from a Stone Circle

Response from Tamman

Upon returning to Tilith with Roland's family, Elonan found the long awaited response from Tamman at the Inn of the Raven run by Thorvas a retired Legionnaire.

Salutations Elonan,

I'd heard that the apprentice of Menua had joined the Legion. Perhaps if you become a journeyman we will work together sometime. I do indeed have a copy of the Book of Dimma from the Temple of Lore in Medrius. As I am currently using the tome for my own researches, I would like to purchase it with the funds left on deposit at the Temple. I'm sure that for a novice the gold will go a long way toward paying for other researches or skill training. If you should require the tome, I shall be returning to Medrius sometime after winter approaches. Before then, you would have to travel here to me or send a courier to pick it up. In either case I will of course require the verifying documents from the Temple and the deposit funds. I will be in the area of Feylin and out in the field most of the time until I return to Medrius. I can be reached at the Three Oaks Inn or have messages left for me there.

Until we meet, luck on your journeys.


Elonan's Second Letter to Tamman

During his training with the Black Legion skill masters at Medrius, Elonan penned another letter to Tamman about the sought after Book of Dimma.


I am pleased to find that the Book of Dimma is safely in your possession. I am presently attempting to gather a letter that will prove my identity to the Temple of Lore so the ownership of the Book will be transferred to me. As for selling the book I cannot speak to that until I have studied it at some length.

My duties will prevent me from presenting the Temple with the verification of my identity for some time. If I am able to complete my mission before your return I will send you a note. If not then I will see you this winter upon my return to Medrius.

Elonan De'Dannan.