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This is a shortened player version of the history of Eradain. Only scholars and those who seek the deeper mysteries of Eradain shall know of her shrouded past.

Ancient Knowledge


The Seven Ages of Dawn
Reputed to contain the rantings of a priest possessed by a goddess of knowledge. The Seven Ages of Dawn is a ‘universal’ creation myth and pre-human history of Eradain. Despite being considered heresy by most major religions, the Seven Ages of Dawn can be found in the private collections of sages and historians.
Based on the oral histories and traditions of the Harad, this legend tells of the arrival of the four Harad tribes to Eradain. The tale tells and how four brother princes, each leader of a tribe hold a contest to divide the lands of Eradain between them.
The Migrations of the Harad
The Saga of the Danrae
Fleeing the crumbling remains of Midgard, dying in the throes of Ragnarok, the Danrae were directed by Odin to build ships and sail off the edge of the world.

The Calendar of Trilain

The Burning (The Danrae Invasion)

Dwarven Clan Wars
The Dwarves and the Dueregar split in a bloody civil war. Dwarves close relations with other races.
Danrae ships arrive at the shores of Eradain, first landing in the chain of islands called Ship's Death. They overrun a few pirate havens, but the land is rocky and poor and they point their longboats toward to the richer lands of Eradain and The Seven Kingdoms of Serin.
The Fleet
The Burning
The Danrae sail into the bay of Serin and burn their ships as a sign that they shall carve a home for themselves here or perish. The invaders quickly seize the port city of Milvar of the Kingdom of Veran and begin to fortify it. The city is renamed Trilain after the Danrae King.
The Danrae have been raiding up the Veran River for years expanding their holdings and demanding tribute. Now firmly established in their city of Trilain they complete the conquest of the rest of the Harad cities and villages on the Veran.
Conquest of Veran
The Council of Nine
When the Rod of Kings fails to legitimize King Rorthak's direct heir, a regency council of powerful and ambitious chiefs take power over the the Danrae Kingdom. The council uses its power to remain in place and plots against the selection of a new King.
The traitorous Merchor's trail leads to complicity with the Council of Nine. A group of Danrae warrior priests successfully wrests control of the Rod of Kings from the Council of Nine and confirms a new King. The new King backed by the Temples overthrows the Council of Nine after a brief civil war. The Danrae Militant Orders are first established.
Restoration of Kings
Sacking of Gilad
(southern half)
Galvanized by an energetic new King, the Danrae launch a surprise assault on Gilad, led by the cry that Gilad had been behind the power of the Council, the southern half of Gilad is sacked.
The Danrae war machine marches once again upon Gilad over a trade dispute and the city is completely besieged. The rebuilt Danrae navies defeat the Giladen fleet and blockade the flow of food and goods via the river. The western cities of Sar muster a relief army, but fail to break through before a coup within the city opens the gates. Most of The ruling Merchant families are put to the sword.
Final Giladen Siege
Fall of Sar
A drought strikes the Seven Kingdoms, which leads to food shortages and famine. The Danrae lead off campaigns to capture villages and cities of the Sar River region with stored grains. The success of the raids leads on to conquest of seat of the Kingdom of Sar.
Tensions in Haradan erupt into civil war as powerful families begin to fight each other for control of the major cities.
First Haradan Civil War
Crowning of the High King
After conquering the last Sar cities, King Karathane declares himself High King of Eradain. The Danrae rebuild their armies and take control of much trade in the Bay of Serin.

The High Kings of Eradain

Orcs tribes from the fringes of the Dwimorlorn Forest invade eastward, raiding into Angharad, Khor and Dwarven lands and disrupting trade. The region becomes known as Glamhoth.
Dwimorlorn Orc Invasions
Khor Barbarian Invasions
The northern horse barbarians invade Volan and the Angharad lands west of Erada.
Orcs from Glamhoth ambush and slay a loved Dwarven leader and the dwarves gird themselves for war. Thus begins a series of conflicts between them which the Dwarves name in their tongue "The Long Death".
Dwarf-Orc Wars
The Fall of the Meadowlands
Responding to a call for assistance Danrae armies march into the Meadowlands to help deal with the dragon. High King Amanor with his soldiers and the warrior priests of the Militant Orders defeat the dragon, but then occupy Celedon. The armies of Meirland and Gevonar try to reassemble to send aid to Celedon, but Amanor defeats them and the Meadowlands bend knee to the Danrae High King.
The Danrae Legions reorganize and rebuild after pulling out of Haradan territory, then march west to take control of Daga Pass from the Minotaur mercenaries who held the pass. They continue their advance and fall upon the city of Dun Uisnech. The Danrae and Angharad come into conflict for the first time.
Daga Pass
Fall of Erada
Angharad and Danrae armies duel in the lands between Erada and Dun Uisnech. The Angharad Queen's army is defeated and surrenders to the High King.
The defeated Angharad at first bend knee to the Danrae High King, but after the assassination of a highly placed Danrae lord and the subsequent killing of Angharad hostages, the Angharad attempt to re-organize a new army to try and drive out the Danrae invaders, but their new army is also defeated. Medrius is occupied by the Danrae.
Angharad Rebellion
Cult of the Avatar
A new sect of the Theocracy of Haradan begins to gain power. The new sect worships what they call the "living embodiment of Menenar".
The Current Year of the Candar of Trilain

Winter of -324-