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The Seven Ages of Dawn
Reputed to contain the rantings of a priest possessed by a goddess of knowledge. The Seven Ages of Dawn is a ‘universal’ creation myth and pre-human history of Eradain. Despite being considered heresy by most major religions, the Seven Ages of Dawn can be found in the private collections of sages and historians.
Based on the oral histories and traditions of the Harad, this legend tells of the arrival of the four Harad tribes to Eradain. The tale tells and how four brother princes, each leader of a tribe hold a contest to divide the lands of Eradain between them. The northern Harad become fierce nomadic horse warriors. The eastern Harad become sea faring traders and merchants. The western Harad merge with the ancient Ang people, and give rise to the Angharad, a clannish druidic society. To the south the Harad dedicate themselves to the fire goddess Menenar as the one true god and create the Theocracy of Haradan.
The Migrations of the Harad
The Saga of the Danrae
Fleeing the crumbling remains of Midgard, dying in the throes of Ragnarok, the Danrae were directed by Odin to build ships and sail off the edge of the world.

The Danrae Invasion (The Burning)

Bison Death Plague
Disease kills large portions of the bison hears of the Khor Harad barbarians in the Kah Sur Plains.
Because famine the Khor tribes invade western and eastern Eradain.
Khor Barbarian Invasion
Dwarven Clan Wars
The Dwarves and the Dueregar split in a bloody civil war. Dwarves close relations with other races.
Danrae ships arrive at the shores of Eradain, first landing in the chain of islands called Ship's Death. They overrun a few pirate havens, but the land is rocky and poor and they turn their sights to the richer lands of Eradain, The Seven Kingdoms.
The Fleet
The Burning
The Danrae sail into the bay of Serin and burn their ships as a sign that they shall carve a home for themselves here or perish. The invaders quickly seize the port city of Milvar of the Kingdom of Veran and begin to fortify it. The city is renamed Trilain after the Danrae King.
Different Merchant houses of Gilad go to war with the Meadowland Kingdoms of Celedon, Meirland and Gevonar. There is infighting within Gilad itself as different factions clash, divided mostly between the north and south halves with the River Sar between. The war is for control of the southern half of Gilad.
Merchant Wars of Gilad
Warlord of Volan
A powerful warlord possessing an artifact known as the Sword of Gath unites the Volan and allies with Gilad. With the assistance Volan, Gilad is once again united.
Minotaurs from the southern Dagalethe Mountains and soldiers in Haradan skirmish in a territory dispute after some rich mines are found in Minotaur territory.
Minotaur Border Wars
Conquest of Veran
The Danrae have been raiding up the Veran River for years expanding their holdings and demanding tribute. Now firmly established in their city of Trilain they complete the conquest of the rest of the Harad cities and villages on the Veran.
In Western Eradain , a hobgoblin tribe dominates three goblin tribes and begins to build a kingdom in the lands between the Jagged Coast and the Ostorath Mountains. The kingdom is known as Serpents Eye after the totem of the hobgoblin leaders.
Serpent's Eye Goblins
The Seven Kingdoms
The Danrae warriors begin encroaching upon the Meadowland kingdoms of Celedon, Meirland and Gevonar. The kingdoms have fallen into infighting among themselves and they alternate between paying tribute or engaging in border clashes with the fledgling Danrae kingdom.
The Warlord of Volan dies in a fall from a horse. The Sword of Gath is lost in the power struggle that follows. Volan falls into disarray and infighting and the alliance with Gilad evaporates.
Death of the Warlord
The Council of Nine
When the Rod of Kings fails to legitimize King Rorthak's direct heir, a regency council of powerful and ambitious chiefs take power over the realm. The council uses its power to remain in place and plots against the ratification of a new King.
A harsh winter strikes Eradain, particularly Haradan. The Shimian and Mar rivers freeze up the capital city of Amashen, thousands die due to the weather and strange beasts the come down from the mountains and thousands more downriver up to the coast when the spring floods arrive.
Shimian Winter
Sarian - Danrae War
After the Seven Kingdoms were cowed or made allies the Danrae turn toward the riches of Gilad. Despite decades of Danrae expansion and ample warning the arrogant Merchant Princes are caught off guard by the well honed battle skills of the Danrae.
The Danrae who choose to remain in the islands of Ships Death have become privateers raiding merchant sea lanes. A dispute over the succession and tithe and tax with the Council of Nine culminates in a rebellion. The Council of Nine sends a fleet to bring their territory back under control. The two navies clash and the superior sailing/navigating skills of the privateers wins after a series of battles. Both navies are decimated at the end of the conflict. The isles of Ships Death remain independent and rename their kingdom the Isles of Thelan after their new leader, but most still call it the Pirate Isles.
The Pirate Isles
Merchor the High Priest
Merchor, a High Priest of Odin begins dabbling in dark and forbidden magic. When confronted with his crimes he accidently slays a paladin. He is cast out of the Priesthood and exiled.
The traitorous Merchor's trail leads to complicity with the Council of Nine. A group of Danrae warrior priests successfully wrests control of the Rod of Kings from the Council of Nine and confirms a new King. The new King backed by the Temples overthrows the Council of Nine after a brief civil war. The Danrae Militant Orders are first established.
Restoration of Kings
Dwarves of Khuzdul
After many years of isolation and rebuilding after their clan wars, the Dwarves of Khuzdul once again open up their mountain doors and begin to trade in weapons and armor to the warring humans. The dwarves attempt to remain neutral in the human conflicts and make a profit lead to tense relations with other peoples.
Galvanized by an energetic new King, the Danrae launch a surprise assault on Gilad, led by the cry that Gilad had been behind the power of the Council, the southern half of Gilad is sacked.
Sacking of Gilad
(southern half)
Angharad Clan Wars
Two great clans of the western Eradain Angharad become engaged in a blood feud and begin calling their allies to war and vengeance.
The goblins of the Serpent's Eye and all along the spine of the Ostorath and Djolinder Mountains rise up and attack humans and elves in a succession of years. The elves of the Great Northern Forest are among the hardest hit.
Goblin's of the
Serpent's Eye
Final Giladen Siege
The Danrae war machine marches once again upon Gilad over a trade dispute and the city is completely besieged. The rebuilt Danrae navies defeat the Giladen fleet and blockade the flow of food and goods via the river. The western cities of Sar muster a relief army, but fail to break through before a coup within the city opens the gates. Most of The ruling Merchant families are put to The sword.
The large island north of the Bay of Serin, known as Arn suddenly is cut off from communication. A dark haze seems to cover the island and even sailing into one of its harbors is perilous. Those who brave its coasts bring tales of terror from dark and unseen creatures.
Shadows of Arn
Elven Haradan War
Haradan, hungry for timber and other natural resources encroaches upon the elven lands of Avanoel. Haradan seizes southern portions of the Arandil Forest from wood elves who have been weakened by conflicts with the Serpents Eye Goblins. Elves close their borders after an assassination of one of their high lords.
A drought strikes the Seven Kingdoms, which leads to food shortages and famine. The Danrae lead off campaigns to capture villages and cities of the Sar River region with stored grains. The success of the raids leads on to conquest of seat of the Kingdom of Sar.
Fall of Sar
First Haradan Civil War
Tensions in Haradan erupt into civil war as powerful families begin to fight each other for control of the major cities.
Danrae King Rorthak leads a disastrous attack against Corsan. Sped on by the initial ease of the attack, King Rorthak overextends his supply and becomes cut off. Corsani reinforcements arrive and the Danrae are forced to fight a running retreat. Two-thirds of the Danrae force, including the King, are slain.
Pass of Sorrows
Halfling Minotaur War
Minotaurs from the southern Dagalethe Mountains invade Thornwood, driving deep into Halfling territory, but are eventually driven back with the help of several adventurer bands.
After conquering the last Sar cities, King Karathane declares himself High King of Eradain. The Danrae rebuild their armies and take control of much trade in the Bay of Serin.
Crowning of the High King

The High Kings of Eradain

The Necromancer of Dathi
A necromancer of high power seizes control of the Angharad city of Tilith and begins using its citizens to build an army of undead. He is driven out by a band of adventurers and the tales of atrocities spread across the lands. Some rumors link the necromancer to the heretic High Priest Merchor.
Orcs tribes from the fringes of the Dwimorlorn Forest invade eastward, raiding into Angharad, Khor and Dwarven lands and disrupting trade. The region becomes known as Glamhoth.
Dwimorlorn Orc Invasions
Mount Gerrader
Mount Gerrader and several other volcanoes in Haradan suddenly erupt sending ash and black clouds of smoke across the land. Gray elven cities of the Echoriath mountains are hit particularly hard by accompanying earthquakes.
Old hostilities between Angharad clans errupt once again leading to a minor civil war. The victorious clan Caeddyn sows salt into the fields and buries their dead in gread mounds, which become known as The Battledowns.
Angharad Clan Wars
Khor Barbarian Invasions
The northern horse barbarians invade Volan and the orcish Glamhoth.
Goblins have been multiplying in the Khor-Tan Wastes again. A new goblin king with demonic powers invades the Great Northern Forest siezes territory from the elves.
Rise of the Goblin King
Rise of the Pirate Isles
The buccaneers of Isles of Thelan once again begin aggressive attacks upon merchant vessels traveling the sea-lanes the the Bay of Serin. The Danrae High King takes to the seas and successfully destroys several of the island settlements, before being driven back by Sahuagin allied to the Pirates.
Strange creatures begin to rise up out of Lake Erada and terrorize the city. Finally the city is driven to its knees before a band of adventurers destroyes an evil cult ending the reign of terror.
Darkness of Erada
Death in the Deep
Sahuagin also rise up off southern Eradain and attack the Sea Elf allies of Avanoel. The Sahuagin drive back the elves in a bloody onslaught before the elves of Avanoel can lend their support. After a few bloody battles the war lapses into an uneasy truce, but many old sea-elven places and settlements are now under Sahuagin control.
The minotaurs of the southern Dagalethe seize control of portions of the east west pass through the mountains, including Dun Rhallyn, the great fortress at the top of the pass. After several attempts to oust them caravans begin paying the minotaurs for passage through the mountains.
Minotaurs of Daga Pass
Dwarf-Orc Wars
Orcs from Glamhoth ambush and slay a loved Dwarven leader and the dwarves gird themselves for war. Thus begins a series of conflicts between them that lasts nearly a hundred years which Dwarves name in their tongue as The Long Death.
Many younger sons of landholders have been swelling the ranks of the Danrae armies looking for new lands to claim. The formation of a new legion marks the beginning of a new phase of Danrae conquests.
Legion of the Second Sons
Amebririand the Wyrm
A dragon descends upon the Meadowland kingdom of Celedon and ravages the land demanding tribute.
Responding to a call for assistance Danrae armies march into the Meadowlands to help deal with the dragon. High King Amanor with his soldiers and the warrior priests of the Militant Orders defeat the dragon, but then occupy Celedon. The armies of Meirland and Gevonar to to reassemble to send aid to Celedon, but Amanor defeats them and the Meadowlands bend knee to the Danrae High King.
The Fall of the Meadowlands
First Danrae & Haradan War
Haradan tries to seize an opportunity to claim some of the lands it has disputed in the past with Gevonar. Brief forrays lead to the destruction of Haradan settlements north of Thornwood. The Danrae press the attack up to the Haradan city of Essham, but are driven back by the huge city walls and summoned outsiders.
The Danrae Legions reorganize and rebuild after pulling out of Haradan territory, then march west to take control of Daga Pass from the Minotaur mercenaries which held the pass. They continue their advance and fall upon the city of Dun Uisnech. The Danrae and Angharad come into conflict for the first time.
Daga Pass
The Great Northern Fire
A fire rages out of control in the north. Large sections of the Kah-Sur plains are burned and portions of the Great Northern forest. Elves blame the Khor barbarians for the devestation and conflicts errupt between the two peoples.
After dueling in the lands between Dun Uisnech and Erada, the Angharad Queen is defeated in battle and surrenders to the Danrae High King.
Fall of Erada
Angharad Rebellion
The defeated Angharad at first bend knee to the Danrae High King, but after the assassination of a highly placed Danrae lord and the subsequent killing of Angharad hostages, the Angharad attempt to re-organize a new army to try and drive out the Danrae invaders, but their new army is also defeated. Medrius is occupied by the Danrae.
Forces of Haradan with Minotaur mercenary hirelings invade Thornwood in an attempt to take over the halfing lands. The halflings are driven back and their protective barrier is breached. Clerics of Yondalla desparately seek aid and the diety responds by sending an Avatar to the defense of her people. In the face of devine wrath the Haradan withdraw.
Haradan-Halfling War
Cult of the Avatar
A new sect of the Theocracy of Haradan begins to gain power. The new sect worships what they call the "living embodiment of Menenar".
An order of Corsani Monks in the Shield Mountains takes subtle control over the sparesly populated Danrae Lands to the west. The Monks Officiall granted territories by the Danrae high King. Rumors occasionally surface about the harsh living conditions enforced by the Monks.
Order of the Black Robe
Fortification of Northhold
The High King orders the fortification of Northhold against the depredations of orcs and fell creatures from the Dwimorlorn Forest. The regions around Bearns are now completely under Danrae control. The city of Caril in the south is taken by the High King after a year long siege.
The ongoing conflict between the Glamhoth orcs and the Dwarves of Khuzdul takes a turn for the worse against the dwarves. The Danrae High King sends his legions to assist and together they drive the orcs away from Khuzdul.
Dwarf-Orc Wars
The Sea-King of Iscal
The disappearance of merchant vessels is the opening of new aggressions by the sahuagin. This time the sea-elves are ready with other allies and magical support from their land walking cousins. The sahuagin are defeated, but no old territory is retaken.
The Danrae High Kings turn their legions to Volan. During a series of conflicts spanning many years Volan manges to hold their ground. Then several years of harsh winters strike the area and Volan's defense begins to crumble. Volan, the last of the old Seven Kingdoms eventually surrenders to the better fed and equiped Danrae Legions.
Volan Surrenders
The Keep
In southern Erada the High King builds "The Keep" as a result of increasing tensions with Haradan.
The looting of the Sun Temple of Lugh brings a curse of horrible winters upon the land. The curse will only be lifted if Angharad blood once again rules from Erada.
The Cold Years
Artifact Wars
A series of bizzare events and conflicts arise when a cache of cursed artifacts discovered at the Temple of Lugh. The items were split up during the chaos of the attack on the temple, and now individuals attempting to gather the artifacts to themselves to acquire power. The items disappear after a few years and tales are still told of the adventurers who destroyed the artifacts.
Haradan begins a terrible war against the Danrae, unleashing outsiders and a terrible demon prince. The two armies clash in the Arandil Forest. The Rod of Kings is broken in a retributive strike by the High Patriarch of Odin in order to slay the demon prince. The Patriarch, the High King and most of the royal party is also killed in the explosion. Outsiders released from control go wild and wreak havoc among both armies before being dispelled.
Second Danrae & Haradan War
The Demon Wars
Breaking of the Curse
The new High King Avalthan II, had been raised in the west and makes peace with the Angharad. He is the last High King High King ever to be ratified by the Rod of Kings. Angharad lands are returned and the High King marries the Angharad Princess Elissa, which breaks the curse.
With an Angharad Queen on the throne in Erada, the land recovers. The Queen bears a son prince Attir and later dies in childbirth bearing a daughter Myssa
The Twins
The Princess Myssa bears twins, a boy Banarik and a daughter Braela
King Avalthan's heir Prince Attir dies. The King decides that his grandson Banarik shall be his new heir.
Death of the Prince
The Last High King
King Avalthan II dies before his grandson comes of age. His distant cousin Karathane III, who has been ruling in the east during the long years the High King has been Erada, marches to the west and takes control of the regency. Avalthan II was the last High King chosen by the now destroyed Rod of Kings.
A schism between Haradan religious sects breaks out into a full scale conflict for power. At the end of the civil war the monks of the defeated Haradan sect exiled to the wilderness "lay down your weapons and leave in peace". This leads to the development of unarmed fighting skills among the banished monks.
Second Haradan Civil War
The Regency
Karathane III consolidates his power during his reign as regent. Prince Banarik is almost killed in a suspicious accident.
Karathane III has kept Banarik from being crowned High King for several years after he became of age. His son Zenath stages an assassination, during which Banarick and Braela disappear and are eventually presumed dead.
The Usurper
Occupation of Tilith
Constant friction and minor rebellions among the Angharad leads to harsh restrictions and persecution of the general populace. The new High King attempts to resolve succession issues by elimination of the Angharad royal lineages. Attempts to locate members of their royal lines hiding in temples leads to persecution of the Angharad religion. The city of Tilith falls to the armies of the High King.
The line of Karathane the Usurper turns out to be weak. After several bad rulers the old Meadowland Kingdoms and Gilad gain power and put their own High King on the throne in Trilain after a brief civil war.
Danrae Civil War
Sycalanth the Wyrm
Adventurers searching an ancient temple on Mt. Gerrader in Haradan disturb the lair of a dragon. Thereafter the dragon raids the surrounding lands for generations until it becomes uninhabited.
An evil wizard grows in power in the hills beyond Northhold. He demands tribute, but also keeps the roads and lands clear of raiding Glamhoth orcs.
The Necromancer
Lands of the Crown
The High Kings begin a policy of gathering more lands into the crown's name, assigning them to be managed by "governors" men who's position and loyalty is determined by the High King, rather than awarding the lands to hereditary nobility as was done in the past.
A plague sweeps through Gilad and surrounding lands which cannot be healed by priests. The plague persists for months before burning itself out. One out of ten in Gilad perish.
The Red Death
High King Nolorn IV
At a young age Nolorn IV is crowned High King. A wiazrd of high skill, he ruthlessly takes control of the government. He is renowned as ahard, but just ruler and eliminates corruption of past regimes.
The Bloodskull Orcs in the Ostorath Mountains multiply and attack western Eradain. After victory by legions of the High King a series of fortresses are established to counter the humanoids from the Great Rift.
Orc Wars of Eremon
Erada Pass
Nolorn orders the construction of a pass road through the Dagalethe Mountains from Erada to the cities of Sar.
The tribes of Volan grow restless under Danrae occupation and revolt, rumors are that the Sword of Gath has resurfaced. Nolorn personally marches with his legions and devestates village after village, city after city until the Volan surrender when the "pretender Warlord" is defeated.
Rebellion of Volan
The Council of Nine Reborn
As part of his campaign against corruption High King Nolorn IV creates a new Council of Nine who shall speak with the voice of the High King and be above the authority of the Council of Lords.
The ruling noble of Celedon takes offense at the orders of one of the Council of Nine and refuses to follow the orders of the High King and banishes the High Kings soldiers from his land. One of the Nine, Frale Gemond later known as Gaunt enters Celedon alone and executes the noble and his entire family line. Nolorn thereafter appoints a "governor" to oversee Celedon.
Rebellion of Celedon
The Dark King Awakes
Nolorn begins dabbling in necromantic magic to extend his life. The Council of Nin and the High King's other agents have insinuated themselves deeply into the governments of all the subject Kingdoms.
In Western Eradain , Serpents Eye goblins once again begin aggressions against their human and elven neighbors. This time Angharad who have been driven into the Dathi Forest and the elves of Avanoel unite to form an army. The goblins of the Serpents Eye are totally routed when the hobgoblin King's army is defeated. Most of the goblin bases beyond their mountain homes are destroyed.
Serpent's Eye
Goblin Wars
Birth of the Empire
After replacing the ruling lines of several subject kingdoms with his own "governors", Nolorn declares himself Emperor. Resistance against the decree is quashed when Nolorn reveals the ability to teleport large numbers of troops over long distances using some type of artifact.

Empire of Nolorn

Angharad Clan Wars
Violence once again errupts among the Angharad as increasing presure in the "free Angharad territories" increases. Nolorn uses the infighting to increase his influence with certain clans. First positively identified time Nolorn purposefully manipulates his "enemies" to fight against each other.
At an age several times that of normal, Nolorn is ruling with an ever tightening grip and has become paranoid and capricious. On this date he executes half othe palace staff and his only direct heirs as traitors.
The Red Palace
Khor Barbarian Invasions
The northern horse barbarians invade Volan, they are driven back by Council of Nine General Rhirag who becomes known as The Hammer of Kalin.
Nolorn, once so active at eliminating corruption, now is surrounded by sycophants. Many of the governors find themselves able to take advantage of their position by paying off the Emperors agents or the Nine.
Decay of the Empire
Dark Siege of Medrius
Mysterious creatures plague the lands from Tilith to Medrius to Orland. Beginning in fall that this year livestock begin mysteriously disappearing and it becomes dangerous to travel. By winter it is almost sure death for any group of less than 10 to be outside at night. This continues until the first day of spring when suddenly the attacks cease.
Avanoel and Haradan enter into a period of exteneded "range wars" in the territory along the Echoriath Mountains and the Arandil Forest.
Elven Haradan War
Avanoel Closes Borders
After years of declining trust between elves and humans, the movement of Danrae troops and continued conflicts wth Haradan, Avanoel closes its borders to outsiders.
The once wise and merely harsh ruler has become a nightmare. The Council of Nine, who's lives have been linked to the Emperor's rule through terror and shear power. The Emperor has slaughtered thousands to keep his failing body alive. He refuses to select an heir and sees anyone not completely in his power as a threat.
Emperor Nolorn "The Deathless"
Last Days of the Empire
Nolorn is now almost totally senile and demented and the Council of Nine rule unchecked by even the Emperor, the adverse affects of the link to the mad Emperor manifest themselves in the behavior of the Nine.

The Succession Wars

Death of the Emperor
The Emperor finally dies and with his death a whole wing of the palace is destroyed, along with every member of the Nine. The Council of Lords takes power over the Trilain and attempts to restore order. The Council of Lords announces that they will return to a government of High Kings.
Two men within the Council of Lords, Adaedus and Roreth rise to power and conflict over who should assume the crown. While some infighting errupts within the city the Council and interim government ignores the rising power of other potential claimants in Gilad and Meirland.
The Succession
War of the Kings
Adaedus of Trilain finally overcomes his opponent in Trilain only to face Alirakath of Gilad marching upon the city and blockading the harbor. Behind this army arrives Celadric of Meirland with the Meadowland Legions plus Legions from Erada. He drives away Alirakath, slays Adaedus and crown's himself High King.